Fri 1st Jul 2016 - 10:39am : Gaming

Subzero Gaming Australia has decided to pick up the former ex Ripple Esports CS:GO lineup. A young and up-coming team looking to make a huge impact of the Oceanic CS:GO scene. The team are currently the CGA Division and i cannot see them staying there for very long. They're Currently Competing in ESEA Season 22 sitting 5 Wins 3 Losses, With Losses to Nuovo 16-9  & Mediocore5 16-8 just falling short to their opponents. We cannot be Happier with our pick up GLHF.


The team consists of:


 Isaac "Ayrez" Ayre
 Angelo "nAni" Palmer
 Forrest "Pride" Yip
 Daniel "Dubzzy_XI" Ryan
 Jonathan "Necro" Stomp
 James "Burnszke" Stud


The CS:GO team will make their first appearance under the organisation in the CGA & ESEA Seasons in the Next couple of weeks!


Words From Ayrez: 

We are pleased to be joining the org Subzero because it allows us to display our talents and abilities on a larger and more known scale. By being apart of Subzero we are looking to move forward in CSGO and greater our abilities individually and as a team. Myself and the rest are the team are very happy to be finally joining a great organisation and are looking forward to they journey ahead.






Matthew Wilson

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